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The Jubilee Principle: God’s Plan for Economic Freedom

-- discusses the fifty year depression cycle, which we are now living through, and the Jubilee cycle, which God established in Israel.

When people lose the most, they are most likely to reflect on what they have lost. It is at that time that they have the most to gain. The Jubilee Principle compares the pursuit of plenty with the contentment of enough. It can help you turn this vicious bear market into the greatest gain of your life.

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Other books by Dan L. White:

Laura Ingalls' Friends Remember Her
 - Memories From Laura's Ozarks Home -

This book is a wide ranging discussion of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her writing, including:

  • Interviews with her friends who knew her in Mansfield, Missouri;

  • Lengthy excerpts from Laura's magazine articles about the subjects being discussed;

  • Discussions by the editor about Laura, her life and her work.

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$13.99 | Paperback


Devotionals With Laura
 - Laura Ingalls' Favorite Bible Selections;
What they meant in her life, what they might mean in yours -

Laura Ingalls Wilder was a wonderful writer and an eager Bible reader. After her death a list of her most cherished Bible selections was found in her Bible. Devotionals with Laura discusses these Bible passages, including:

  • How they might have fit in with Laura's life;

  • What they might mean in our lives;

  • How they affected the Little House books.

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$13.99 | Paperback, 172 pages.

Laura's Love Story: The Lifetime Love of Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder

Real love is sometimes stronger than the romance of fiction... 

Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder's love is such a story. 

From an unwanted beau to a beautiful romance;  
from heart wrenching tragedy to heart felt passion;  
from tumult and trial to a lifetime love....

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$13.99 | Paperback

Homeschool Happenings, Happenstance, and Happiness
- A Light Look at Homeschool Life

Homeschool pioneers Margie and Dan White reflect on their homeschool experiences from 1976 until today.

With Homeschool Helpers, they have held hundreds of homeschool activities and have put out a quarter million words of encouragement. This book includes the top tenth of those writings, everything from homeschooling in the world today to unforgettable family episodes.

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$13.99 | Paperback

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